Lost for words

I feel drained and at a loss for words today. Yesterday’s taboo post said and took a lot to post, and I’m having another sad and down day today.

I’ve had a cruel song stuck in my head the past few days, and I wish I could shake it out, and it’s ironic, because I lived part-time in Ottawa when I found out that I was pregnant with Henry: 

With peace,


3 comments on “Lost for words

  1. Gen says:

    Mel, I just read your previous post and then this one. I don’t have the right words for you, but maybe sometimes there just aren’t any words, sometimes all there is are feelings. Lots of love, you know if there is anything you need….

  2. tersiaburger says:

    Mel, I read an interesting post on a wrongful prosecution of parents whose OI baby died. If you are able to read it and it does not cause you too much distress go and have a look at it. http://justiceforraymond.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/2729

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