Thank you for feeding us

From our bellies: Thank you for the bread, soup, lasagna, zucchini bread, pie, pad thai, spring rolls, more bread and soup, tourtiere, more pie, even more soup, more pad thai and spring rolls, hot dogs and poutine, cookies and chips, chicken, coleslaw and french fries, more lasagna, cannelloni, sauce and desserts, pastries and quiche, popcorn, hot chocolate, spaghetti, zucchini, pineapple thai chicken with rice.

From our hearts: Thank you for the cards, sweet and supportive messages, flowers, poems, healing amulets, offers to go for walks, offers to talk, talking, picking up our weekly veggies at the market, flowers, flowers and flowers, taking care of Jordan, taking care of us, feeding and cleaning the rabbits, doing our dishes and laundry, thinking of us, respecting our space, writing blogs and books that help me feel less stranded. Thank you for understanding if we see you and don’t stop to chat or catch up, and sorry if you thought we were acting strange. Thank you for giving me time to mourn and pick up where I left off when I feel ready.

To Henry: Thank you for you. We miss you.

3 comments on “Thank you for feeding us

  1. Gen says:

    You are loved 🙂 Hugs

  2. Laura says:

    From my mind: I send good thoughts your way whenever I can. Much love.

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