One month milestone

The night before everything, we were at my mom’s house, celebrating her 55th birthday.

Among topics of conversation were my growing belly, how we would handle special visitors after our child was born (my mom, Tyler’s dad & step-mom, and Jordan being the first we’d like to introduce to our newborn in January), and how excited we were for our first ultrasound the next day.

On the 19th of September, we drove around, feeling  a bit lost and nervous as we tried to find Lasalle Hospital where our ultrasound was to take place.

Once inside, a kind guide showed us where to go, and we waited until my name was called.

When it was our turn, I walked into the dark ultrasound room, hopped up on the table, told the doctor that we didn’t want to know the gender of our child, then, at around 11 a.m., we had our very first glimpse of our beautiful baby.

Those were our last minutes of peace and joy with our child.

Our first photo of Henry. Our beautiful son.


I’ve written about what happens next in detail in other parts of this blog (here and here and here).

I just wanted to remember our happy anticipation of this day, because it has now been exactly a month since I’ve really felt happy, calm and peaceful in life. It’s one of many firsts that are coming up quickly, including my one-month physical separation from Henry.

Be well, thank you for reading.


2 comments on “One month milestone

  1. tersiaburger says:

    Healing thoughts and wishes to you

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