Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been nominated for  Beautiful Blogger Award by the eloquent and well-written Tersia (please visit her site where she writes about her daughter Vic, who is suffering with a horribly painful form of osteogenesis imperfecta – what my Henry had).


Tersia has made me feel welcomed, accepted and supported through my grieving process. And reading her write about her daughter gives me tremendous insight into the disease that my son had. Her words are raw, truthful and important. I recommend you check out and follow her. Thank you for the nomination Tersia! I am honoured and very thankful for this award.

The rules of the Beautiful Blogger award say that I have to write seven things about myself, so:

1. I come from a unique family – a dad (RIP) who had no teeth, one leg and no hair, an autistic older half-sister, and a 93 year-old grandmother who, no matter how many falls and viruses/colds, etc. she gets, seems to have a massive horseshoe up her butt and always bounces back.

2. I started out my professional working life as a roaming biological field technician, working mostly with birds and beetles, then turned to journalism.

3. I have a degree in music. I play the flute (sometimes… rarely actually, but it’s something I know how to do).

4. My favourite colour is every colour. Each time I try to name what I like best, I end up naming everything.

5. I have a VERY short fuse for listening to complaining about nearly anything.

6. I met the love of my life on an inter-capus shuttle bus while going to McGill (6 years and counting <3).

7. I have other hobbies – I am a novice potter (with my own wheel!), I knit, crochet, try to sew, and read a lot. I like keeping my hands busy and having something to show for it in the end. I also have two bunnies and a cat, and a step-son.

Now, I have to nominate seven other bloggers. I nominate this group because I either really enjoy their blogs (even if some of them cover very delicate and raw-feeling topics), or I know them personally (and enjoy their blogs). Either way, please check them out, and, I hope they accept my award nomination:

1. Prego and the Loon:

2. Life with LOL:

3. Wait, I didn’t sign up for this:

4. Irresistibly Fish:

5. Canadian Hiking Photography:

6. The Montreal Diaries:

7. A cup of cocoa and a chinwag:

2 comments on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. tersiaburger says:

    Mel I am so flattered! Thank you so much for your beautiful, kind words. I wish I had the words to truly comfort you. Your journey has deeply touched my heart. You so richly deserve this award and a thousand more. You write poignantly beautiful. I wish things were different for you.

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