Days are passing

It’s so funny how time continues on. The idea that time heals. We progress as a species (or not), learn and grow over time. One thing separating us from the lives of people thousands of years ago is time. We could have been born then (maybe we were), but we’re here now, at this time.

You’re born small, and over time, you eventually turn into an adult. Friends and family move, die, change, and you miss every single one of them desperately, but you just get used to that change in your life over time. Your child dies, and over time, our wounds feel less raw (doesn’t mean they are less raw, though). Time is a blessing, and a jerk. Time is bringing me farther away from my time with Henry, but closer to the day when we’ll meet again.

One comment on “Days are passing

  1. tersiaburger says:

    Strange I too posted on TIME today. Time is a friend but also an enemy!!

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