Grief’s surprising physical effects / lazy Mel

One thing that took me by surprise is the lack of physical endurance I now have. Sitting on my bum without motivation to do anything has taken its toll.

I have rekindled my social life, and had a wonderful weekend seeing friends. One night, Tyler and I went for dinner then a game of pool with a wonderful couple. We didn’t park that far from the restaurant, but the combined walking, standing and pool-playing made me feel very tired. The next morning, my feet hurt, and I could feel it in my legs.


I’m finding it a bit funny that some of the effects of grieving is having a soft, mushy, weak body. In my pre Henry-loss life, I wasn’t athletic by a long stretch, but I generally walked a lot, went swimming occasionally, and spent drastically less time just sitting around.

I try to get myself out for a short walk once a day. I don’t always get around to it, but it’s always on my mind. I know exercise makes me feel good, but I find it really hard to get the will to interrupt my slow, comfortable day to exert myself.

I’m hoping that will change. Years ago, I was an avid jogger, was very fit and felt good, so consequently, I looked good! I hate jogging now, and I have to stop trying to convince myself that I’ll take it up again with the same fervour I once had.

I also know that exercise helps with stress, makes you sleep better, is really good for you, yadda yadda. And if a weekend without much physical exertion has me pooped, then maybe I should try harder to move a little more every day so that I can incorporate that into my new normal. Oooh, but being lazy is so much EASIER!!!!!!!! *sigh.


2 comments on “Grief’s surprising physical effects / lazy Mel

  1. Elisabeth Anderson says:

    Great job Mel. It’s amazing that you’ve identified something that has been helpful to you in the past, and might be right now. It also sounds like your endurance and will is lower right now, so it’s smart that you’re not setting your expectations too high. I wonder whether you could create a 5-minute daily routine and have your goal be to do it this week? I don’t know if that fits for you at all, but I know I’m guilty of thinking I need to sweat a lot and work out for an hour for it to “count”. This is obviously not the case. 🙂
    I’m rooting for you!

  2. tersiaburger says:

    I just started going to the gym because at my last medical the dr said everything is too high…my BP, cholesterol, heart rate, stress level, sugar levels and weight!! It is not easy!! My grandsons drag me with them and make sure I have “killer gym sessions…” I feel better already.

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