A dark day for Connecticut

Losing a child is the most devastating thing someone can experience. Today, through the actions of a person who was seriously in need of help, in an elementary school in Connecticut, the parents of 26 young and grown children are now facing sheer and utter despair. My hearts go out to you. I know there are presents already wrapped beneath the tree or for Chanukah. My god. Nothing can possibly console you after losing a child. Today is the worst day in the lives of many. 

I plead to everyone – if you are unwell, please, seek help. Death, suicide, murder, is a permanent solution to a short-term problem.

Take care of yourselves, and cherish the preciousness of life. Anything can happen anywhere, all the time. Life is an all-too-short journey. I’m rambling. My heart is just heavy and bleeding for the parents and families of today’s event. This could have happened anywhere. Knowing how difficult it can be to make and nurture a child, then to lose them so senselessly, it’s just too must to bear thinking about. Please, hold your loved ones close.

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