Nurture overdrive: of cats and rabbits

I have all floors of my house covered, if you include the bats in the attic.

Penny the foster bunny is the upstairs rabbit. My cat, Safia and my two permanent bunnies Wilbur and Tita are on the main floor, and I am watching over a stray cat in the basement, named Fluffy for now, until I bring her to the vet in a couple of days.

Can you say nurture compensation?

Henry would have been born later this month. I probably would have lost my bunny, Sweetie anyway, and likely would not have gotten a replacement bunny with childbirth lurking around the corner. I have gone into full self-pet therapy mode. Particularly with Penny the foster and Fluffy the stray.

There’s no complaints from my step-son, but poor Tyler… he never really wanted pets, and he’s a dog person… oh well!

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