Keeping to myself

When my story was finally published yesterday in Exhale Literary Magazine, it made me realize that expressing my grief publicly has run its course, for now. I’m still heartbroken over the loss of Henry. A part of me will always be sad. But the purpose and urgency to blog that I had when I first lost him has changed.

I think that’s why I haven’t really been blogging lately. My grief has moved to an internal, private space.

I’m not normally too sentimental, but I’ve always appreciated and been very grateful for every comment and bit of support we’ve received. But yesterday, reading some of the reactions from my published article actually made me go “yeah, yeah.” Well meaning, lovely, thoughtful comments that would normally make me cry and feel loved and held.

It’s probably another stage of grief. Acceptance? Dealing with it? Needing space and time? Needing to not delve in to losing my child every time someone asks me how I’m doing? It’s part of who I am, just as much as my nose is part of my face. It’s always there, and I don’t always need to talk about it.

This isn’t’ a signoff. I’ve just been keeping to myself, and I’m comfortable this way, for now. Winter has turned to spring not only in the physical world, it seems. And writing about it has really helped a lot.

But there are milestones. Birthdays, original due dates, anniversaries. An endless list of firsts that Henry never got to surmount.  In fact, on the 28th of this month, it will be six months since I delivered Henry. Six months since this little person who never got to take a breath of air, cry, or look at him mother, lived and died. And changed my world forever.





6 comments on “Keeping to myself

  1. tersiaburger says:

    I sensed that you had moved into a difference space a while ago. It is good Mel. I so often think of you and Little Henry and your pain. I truly hope that you will be blessed with a healthy baby one day. You are destined to be a great and wonderful mommy. Lots of respect and hugs!

  2. Elisabeth Anderson says:


  3. Carol Oss (Usas) says:

    Since little HENRY s birth, I have followed you via your Mom mostly. The loss will never leave you..I can vouch for that. Today is the anniversary of my late husband,Dr. John Anthony Oss,s entry into Heaven. Henry is with a lot of relatives..They will take care of him for you…until you join him..and you will some day. Henry,wouldnt want you to mourn every day. He is happy that you think of him and love him….but…He will want you to go on and be happier…love you, Mel…..Carol Oss

  4. Catherine Hood Ph.D says:

    Dear Mel, Please know that my hope is that you are with peace in your quiet place. I think of you so often, and send wishes for many rainbows for your heart after your many tears.
    With warm regards,
    Catherine Hood

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