Nine years ago today

Nine year ago today, I was preparing to take flight as a young adult, exploring, working and having a TON of fun.

23 year-old me was packing my suitcase and flying south to Tucson, Arizona, to work on a burrowing owl project.

A good friend, my mom, and my dad came to see me off at the Dorval airport. That was the last time I ever saw my dad.

Fun and adventure was cut short when, on August 21, just a week before I was to return home, I got the worst phone call of my life – my mom – letting me know my dad suddenly died.

Falling to the floor, I somehow made it home, a constant stream of tears from the phone call to, oh, months later.

I miss my dad. If there was anyone who ever truly understood me – it was him. We’re very alike. He’s a very good role model and life has just felt weird ever since he left. It sucks that he got to meet Henry – but funny in a way, because the opposite of that was a big sadness while I was pregnant.

So here’s to it being nearly a decade since I last saw my dad.

He’s been gone eight and a half years. I still want him to be proud of me.

318_579621312217_5925_n (1)

16 year-old me and my daddy


4 comments on “Nine years ago today

  1. Carol Stewart Oss says:

    I am very sure he is EXCEPTIONALLY PROUD OF you…All the Osses are proud too. Love you Mel……

  2. 1grandmabean says:

    He was sooooooo immensely proud of you, that does not change xoxoxoxo

  3. Elisabeth Anderson says:

    You and your dad will always be two peas in a pod. He was proud of you when he was alive, and I’m certain he’s proud of you now.

    Loads of love,


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