Writers block!

I’ve been very fortunate in my career as a journalist in that deadlines ensure writers block is never really an issue. But I successfully pitched a story idea to one of my editors for an article on the right way to approach someone who experienced perinatal loss. And now I have to move a boat stuck in the mud out of the way in order to complete this article in time.

It’s such a heavy subject, and while the publication does tackle tough subjects sometimes, the overall tone is relatively lighthearted. I feel stuck. I could go in many directions. I don’t want to overwhelm readers and have a negative tone and sound like a wounded puppy, but I want to communicate how hurtful some platitudes are downright insulting and mean, even though they come from a place of goodwill. Unless you’ve been in it, you don’t know how stupid some of things you say might be. I want this article to be insightful and helpful, and at the same time, let other women who have lost a baby know about resources that can help them heal.

So how am I supposed to do that in 800 words?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 1.10.40 PM

3 comments on “Writers block!

  1. Jenn says:

    I’m sure you’ll find the words 🙂

  2. Elisabeth Anderson says:

    It sounds like you know how you want it to come out Mel…honest and helpful, but not self-victimizing. Everything you’ve written here has been just that. I am also certain that you’ll find the words.


  3. tersiaburger says:

    Write from your heart! You are an amazing writer and I look forward to reading the 800 words…Hugs and love

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