A quarter century of legalized abortion

RIP to the man, who was part of a group, that removed the criminal code legislation that made safe access to abortions in Canada illegal. Thanks to Dr. Morgentaler, I was able to have a choice in how I said goodbye to my own Henry. If abortions were still illegal in Canada, my tragic and heartbreaking decision would have been all the more harrowing. Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler.

For Henry

It’s been a quarter century since Dr. Henry Morgentaler and thousands of pro-choice activists won a victory that made a pinnacle of tragedy in my life less of a tragedy.  25 years ago, a decades-long effort was rewarded when the Supreme Court of Canada overturned the criminality of abortion in Canada (though it goes a LOT farther back than 25 years!).

I was eight years old at the time, but my life would be deeply affected 24 years later when I made an inconceivably difficult yet compassionate decision for my son.

If abortion was still illegal, what would I have done for my Henry? Life would be drastically different.

I can only imagine the haze I would have lived in the past five months if I carried him to full term, knowing I was to deliver a baby that was not meant for this world. Instead of writing this post…

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