Screaming into the earth

We are mothers

Me and Miss Bee

For My Baby

A few months back, I heard a fairy tale. It was about a woman whose brothers had been turned into ravens. To break the curse, she had to remain silent for years and years. During this time, her newborn children were stolen form her. She dug a deep hole, right into the very womb of the earth. Every night, she crept outside, uncovered her hole and emptied her heart, filling the earth with her screams of pain. She then buried her pain and remained silent. 

I think people appreciate the silence. The alternative is too unpleasant. 

I got up this morning, the tears from last night left ugly red marks on my face. I kept crying. I got pulled together enough to get dressed. I had a hair appointment today. I decided to go thinking it would make me feel better.

I got to the desk and said the usual…

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