Rainbow stink bum

So, Henry has a brother! Corin Richard Bonnell was born on November 3 after an excruciating 37-hour labour where I could have died. During the long and difficult labour, both his dad and I still had shadows over our hearts, convinced we weren’t bringing home our second son. My body seemed reticent to open up and let him out. As time went on, only dilated to 5 cm after 26 hours, each contraction weakened me and  scared me and overwhelmed me with doubt at my ability to give birth. I’m flooded with gratitude, relief, and overwhelming love that we were wrong.

I’m now writing this with a sleepy but changed heart. The ice that has crusted over my heart since losing Henry has melted away. The fear I carried around with me constantly that we would inevitably lose Corin is gone. I’m responsible for this little person now. I’m amazed we were just allowed to walk out of the hospital with Corin. As a big advocate for adopting rescue animals from shelters, which includes a long screening process, it’s incredible new parents – sleep deprived, exhausted and quite possibly, clueless – can just pop out with a whole new human without having to prove we’re not going to do something stupid and fatal to this new life, and that we’re bringing babies to a good, healthy home.

It’s a humbling experience. One I’ve waited for for since May 2012. My perfect little rainbow baby who needs me as much as I need him.

Photo property of Mel Lefebvre


2 comments on “Rainbow stink bum

  1. lkgaddis says:

    Congratulations! I have really enjoyed following your blog, and am so relieved and thrilled to see your new post! He’s precious. Enjoy your new love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s very strong of you to share your experiences like this Mel. I know other parents who’ve experienced a similar loss and it can destroy one’s life. Congratulations for having the courage to move forward and have another child. You are honoring Henry’s memory by not living in fear or sadness, but instead announcing exactly as you did: “So, Henry has a brother! “

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