Le life, etc.

The wheels of life are turning. I have a few writing gigs popping up here and there. Not enough to make a living, but it’s a start, and I’m very grateful. To read my work, just pop over to my other blog.

We also heard back from Sainte Justine’s genetic counselor who has been following Henry’s case. According to blood samples they took from Tyler & myself, we’re absolutely not carriers of osteogenesis imperfecta. It’s what everyone suspected, but it’s a relief nonetheless.The counselor said there’s a five per cent chance of recurrence, but I know now that there are ample diseases, defects, and mysterious tragedies that can befall a fetus. So I’ll worry about those instead.

If/when we do have another baby, we’ll be followed by Ste. Justine. We’ll get an amniocentesis at around 15 weeks which will scan for any genetic issues (and will tell us if it’s a boy or a girl!). I had an amnio with Henry, right before we lost him for good. I kept my eyes closed the whole time, so I didn’t see how big the needle was, but apparently: HUGE! It didn’t hurt, surprisingly.



And if/when we do have another baby, it’ll be a mix of elation and terror. Time will crawl by. Every moment of the day will be fraught with worry, but also joy at the little bean growing away, all on its own, oblivious of the roller coaster his/her mommy will sit on for nine months.


Exhale Literary Magazine

I just had an article accepted for Exhale Literary Magazine‘s fall/winter issue on finding peace.

While I certainly don’t feel healed, peaceful or well at the moment, I’m glad I felt enough clarity to write something that will share Henry’s life with a wider audience.  Now I shall return to my dark corner and lick my compounded-grief wounds.